by Frenchie.

It maddens me to see Hollywood movies today not because of the bad acting and montage which causes headache and stories that even Algerians understand and music that is neither lyrical nor poetic and things like this. What maddens me, which also maddens any true film lover and any that don't get maddened should not be allowed in the Cinema, is how Hollywood portrays what Americans cannot understand and therefore cannot express truthfully. Of course I speak of Love.

Love cannot be gotten for a dime or a million American dollars in Hollywood, and neither can it be told or shown to us that truly know its fragrance. It is always in the scene "oh I cannot live with out you my darling" or "I love you my bodyguard" but always it smells of American armpit and is false and therefore unbelievable and stupid. We do not see the passion as is shown in the great Cinema of the French, or even that of our nostalgic brothers the Italian. Instead American audiences settle for a man running after a bus or breaking a dinosaur skeleton and passing it off as Love, although it is not.

The problem cannot be blamed entirely on American writers, for even the most beautiful poetry of that which is Cinema's heart may be brutally slain at the hands of the American director hired by a man in a suit for a week to commit such beauty to screen. Of course the small brain of the American director-for-hire will club away with his fists and megaphone until all that gives Love its life is squeezed out onto the dirty streets and only the shell of what was remains on the screen. But the director cannot be blamed totally again because all idiotic American writers have never lived or experienced Love so they only write what they think it might be. They don't know the runny nose of love, nor do they understand the bloodshot eyes as a result from an evening of turmoil and lovemaking. Of course this is not the writer's fault either, because all American women are cold and frigid like those from Egypt.

Therefore you may think that the blame rests on the actors' hands, which you are wrong about. It is not the actor's job to create such beauty as cannot be said in words, it is their job only to express it. It does not help however to have a Harrison Ford machine speaking what Americans pass for sweet nothings, or Mel Gibson smiling his way past true emotion. In the past Hollywood was saved by True actors such as Charles Boyer and, may God be keeping him with the company of many beautiful women, Maurice Chevalier. America, you have no actors capable of Love anymore, for we have only given you Gerard Depardieu recently, so even if your hack writers and dimwitted directors accidentally stumbled across something resembling what we are talking about, the actor will blow it out with his snot onto his Kleenex.

What maddens me most is that, with your very large heads, you Americans think you can. And so you make one thing after another, which I cannot call films because they resemble such pieces of art in only their physical substance, in hopes to make more money and fool the people watching. Well I am not fooled! I have known Love (many many times) and I have heard all that can said about Love and I will not be fooled by what you call Love. Maybe in your country everyone believes that is so, with your frigid women and fat men, but it does not fool anyone in my great Country. Please stop trying.