Varietal: Bold, Spicy Red
Vintner: Rob Cohen
Vintage: 2001
Vineyard: Universal

by Brian.

How to make forty million dollars.

Take a 1991 movie called Point Break, replace brooding-but-groovy Patrick Swayze with brooding-but-groovy Vin Diesel, replace hunky-but-dim Keanu Reeves with hunky-but-dim Paul Hunter, and update the middle-ground love interest from then-shooting-star Lori Petty to now-shooting-star Jordana Brewster. Make the surfing scenes racing scenes, take a decade's worth of inflated editing technique into account, add an up-to-date soundtrack, replacing rock-star-cameo Anthony Kiedis with rap-star-cameo Ja Rule, add a little CGI for the trailers, fix the ending, add a dash of Michelle Rodriguez, cook for three days and serve red hot.