posted: 07.02.00
Pressman Speaks
by Brian Miller.
What? Ooh, those... Yes those are my past. My lives, my loves, my memory on silver salts. I keep em around to remind me where I was in life, some places bad, some good. Tara for example, the one on the left there... She was a sweetheart that actually cheated on me. I thought that crap only happened in movies but no... It's true. We were from different worlds though... In hindsight I had to see it coming. Meeting only at night, joined only in sex and sleep... She was a sweetheart, but not for me.

Now Karen... Oh Karen... She was great. I take all responsibility for fucking that one up. She came at a weird time in my life, when I was putting everything I had into work and not her. She screamed so hard but I guess I wasn't listening.

The middle one? Oh that's Stephanie... The one that got away. Well, she didn't actually get away really, considering how we never really got together. I'd known her forever, hated her most of the time, but as soon as I moved away I got a thing for her. Never told her of course, but she knew. She had to know... women always know those sort of things, it's in their biology. So anyway, we never really lived close enough to make anything happen. Still today she's off in Tokyo or something while I'm here, sweating and talking to you. We're still friends though... we have a very odd relationship in that we get uncomfortable about each other's partners, yet never really talk about why. Yeah, it is weird... you got me on that one.

No that's Melinda, who taught me that work and play are not the same, but play takes work. To tell you the truth I'd rather not get into that picture. Heh, not too many left eh? I know I pick and choose don't I...

Ahhh... now that's my darling Kim. She was my first and will be my last as far as I'm concerned. Now I'm sure you've heard all about regret and it's effects, but I tell you I messed up so much with Kim... and she took so much of my shit, but if I had ever gotten that second chance we all talk about. If she would have accepted... well let me tell you. It would be... She would... Her friends would get so jealous because she would be the one woman on earth that gets treated like she deserves to. Not a day has passed since the phone call where she said she didn't have fun with me anymore that I don't think of her. All these other girls have been great, and my time with them was with them, but nothing compared to Kim... my twenty-first birthday... I just met you so I wont get into it but let's just say it was as perfect as things get down here, and that's coming from me! Did you ever read my first book? Well you should! I'm just kidding, it was god awful. If you do though, be sure to check the dedication, you'll find Kim there, under a pseudonym of course, but she's there.

But enough about me, tell me about you.

This is to prove that I'm not all school papers and scripts.