Media is Prison Planet: The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack

An integral part of my fantasy scenario involving me getting to make a movie exactly the way I want includes getting one of my favorite bands to write and perform an original score. Since that's not likely to happen, I made a soundtrack to a fake film instead. It's also a personal "best-of" compilation that I can give to friends to indoctrinate them into the church of Clutch. All bow at the rythm of JP Gaster, the sonic massage of Dan Maines, the squealy harmonies of Tim Sult and the growly blues croons of Neil Fallon.

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  1. 1906 Pt 2
  2. The Devil & Me
  3. 10001110101
  4. Power Player
  5. Va Va Voom
  6. Pure Rock Fury
  7. The Most Important Question
  8. Big News I
  9. Big News II
  10. Ship of Gold
  11. Wavin' the Flag
  12. The Soapmakers
  13. (Notes from the Trial Of) LaCurandera
  14. Through the Looking Glass
  15. The Regulator
  16. Tight Like That
  17. Here's to Harry
  18. Droid
  19. Three and the Big Guy
  20. Electric Worry
  21. One Eye $
  22. I Wanna Leave this World
  23. Cypress Grove
  24. Spacegrass
  25. Escape from the Prison Planet

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Media is Hendrix: Unsurpassed Jams: Volume One

High school was a pretty magical age. Time was slower, things were bigger, and somehow the music you listened to was more important. I have a friend named Jim who was into Jimi Hendrix. It was kind of his thing. He scoured the downtown music shops for new imports or bootlegs and shared tales of rare virtuoso performances and drunken bar-room collaborations found in his adventures. He made me a mix-tape representing the ultimate Hendrix primer. I listened to that thing to death. Cut to 15 years later, me buying the new re-mastered discs and remembering the old songs from that tape. Still, to my mind, the tape was the correct order; the albums were wrong. So I went digging and found the thing, re-recorded it (plus one song). If you’re looking for a comprehensive introduction to Jimi's music, you've found it.

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Media is Halloween Jams '08

A spooky pop melange in four movements.

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  1. First Movement
  2. Second Movement
  3. Third Movement
  4. Fourth Movement

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Media is A Long Night on Bad Road

So I heard that when they peeled the twisted remains of Jame Dean's 1955 Porsche Spyder apart from the 1950 Ford Tudor that slammed into it head on, thus ending young Dean's life and cementing his place in history, they found a queer plastic disc described by police at the scene as "kinda like a coaster but all shiny and futuristic." Little did they know, Dean had the world's first CD player in his car and this is what was in it on that fateful day in September.

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  1. Two-Lane Blacktop
  2. Moving Violations
  3. The Road Warrior
  4. The Hitcher
  5. Vanishing Point

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Media is Late Nite Listening

You ever have those nights where you get home and it's late but you're too worked up to go to sleep? You need something to bring you down a bit, calm your nerves and heavy your eyelids before kicking off. That's what this mix is for.

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  1. 2AM:Last Call
  2. 3AM:Night Cap
  3. 4AM:Can't Sleep
  4. 5AM:Mary Helps
  5. 6AM:The Void

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Media is Christmas Cheer

A double album of holiday goodness, one stuck in the TV age and the other back when radio was king.

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Media is Lyrics Born

Somebody asked me for some Lyrics Born to listen to once so I decided to throw together my favorite stuff of his three released albums in my own particular order. I think it makes the voltron super mega definitive Lyrics Born album of all time.

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  1. Intro
  2. Bad Dreams
  3. Shake It Off
  4. Callin' Out
  5. Release Part 3
  6. I'm Just Raw
  7. Hello (Remix)
  8. Gettin' It Together
  9. Goin' Down South
  10. Do That There
  11. Do That Again
  12. Over You
  13. Love Me So Bad
  14. Pack Up
  15. Explosive
  16. Hott Bizness
  17. Lady Don't Tek No
  18. I Changed My Mind
  19. Outro
  20. Bonus Track

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Media is 30 Rock Songs

This is a straight-up mess of 30 rock songs. If you don't like rock, get the hell out.

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  1. Song 01
  2. Song 02
  3. Song 03
  4. Song 04
  5. Song 05
  6. Song 06
  7. Song 07
  8. Song 08
  9. Song 09
  10. Song 10
  11. Song 11
  12. Song 12
  13. Song 13
  14. Song 14
  15. Song 15
  16. Song 16
  17. Song 17
  18. Song 18
  19. Song 19
  20. Song 20
  21. Song 21
  22. Song 22
  23. Song 23
  24. Song 24
  25. Song 25
  26. Song 26
  27. Song 27
  28. Song 28
  29. Song 29
  30. Song 30

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Media is DFA Dance Dementia

Anyone that knows Death From Above records recognizes their unique blend of dance music and underground punk. This is my "awesome mix tape" of that sound, assmebled largely because I wanted to hear these songs in this way instead of their completed version one after another.

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  1. Expression
  2. Rumination
  3. Angst
  4. Acquiescence
  5. Intoxication
  6. Gratification
  7. Regression
  8. Consumption
  9. Consonance
  10. Agreement
  11. Euphoria

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Media is Hip Hop Halloween

My tastes in hip-hop are very specific. This is a collection of autumnal cuts that work to create what I like about the genre. The track names are really the pumpkin carvings on the back cover, but those don't work too well in winamp. Call them whatever you want.

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  1. Blow The Speakers
  2. Check The Mic
  3. Scream Baby Scream
  4. Rock-Em Sock-Em MCs
  5. Lyrical Lancelots
  6. Break!
  7. Deny The Bling
  8. Let's Get High
  9. Diggin The Crates

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Media is Summer

A prototypical day in the Summer heat, where everything's hot but you're always cool. I made this to collect my favorite songs that evoke that specific summer vibe. It's something that would take a few pages to explain adequately and can be felt much more clearly just by listening.

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  1. Bird Watching
  2. Taco Carts And Sidewalk Chalk
  3. On A Beer Run
  4. Jack's Afternoon Pool Party
  5. Hot Tubs And Margaritas
  6. Crank It Up
  7. Walking To The Market
  8. Heat Stroke Highs
  9. That Timeless Moment
  10. One Last Ride
  11. The Sun Is Setting
  12. Let's Go Dancing
  13. Silence, Sweat, And Seduction
  14. Too Hot To Sleep

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