SPLODAx Job Listings

(to apply, send job number to jobs@splodax.com)

#75187 Barney's Bistro
Line-Cook Wanted
We're looking for a skilled cook with grill and stock experience. Loyalty and discretion a plus.

#10101 Reconstructionist
It's not just for prisoners anymore!
Get paid well to do an honest day's work deep in the ruins, helping New York regain it's former glory. (salary and benefits vary case to case)

#33550 Tran driver
Become a fully-licensed Tran driver!
Just by graduating from our rigid 8-week Academy, you too can be the man behind the wheel, feeling the cool breeze of the Underground tunnels in 16-hour shifts!

#35875 New York Public Library
Readers wanted!
Full-time librarian position open to those with quiet souls and comfortable shoes. Only literate need apply. (if you donít know what Ďliterateí means, donít bother)

#49235 Kernel Private Investigation Service
Now Hiring.
Down on your luck? Not making ends meet? Donít mind troubling moral dilemmas and breaking ethical boundaries? Apply for a position with Kernel Private Investigation Service and give your life a jumpstart.

#23108 PleasurePharm
Medical subjects needed!
Help the NDG and your Dollar count by donating yourself for scientific study! Good pay for relatively low probability of risk!

#79585 Levant's Fishing
Fishermen needed
Scour the coast in search for radiologically clean tuna, halibut, and catfish by joining our fleet of fisherman. An honest day's pay for an honest day's work

#36802 Marshall Temp Service
Need Work?
Send applications to Marshall Temp Service and let us help you find a steady, reliable job.(Marshall Temp Service is required by law to state that we collect a 25% commission from any jobs found through our service)

#71269 Scarlet's Social Escort Service
Interested in a bright future?
Meet successful and wealthy men, enjoy flexible hours, and make a good living in the escort business! Attractive young ladies apply today!

#10951 Office of Expansion
Disease Free? Clean Genes? No Family Ties?
Do your part and apply today for a position in the Office of Expansion! Live in exotic locales, secure your government's growth, and become a legend! (strict application tests required)

#49877 Janssen's Treasure Hunting
Hearty Swimmer?
Janssen's Treasure Hunting Service is looking for athletic types with low heart-rates and strong immunity to liquid contaminates. Dive off the shore for sunken Treasure! Discover ancient fleets and destroyers! Swim for a living!

#33051 Data Entry
Can you Type? Can you count?
Apply for a career in the computer industry today! Enjoy comfortable cubicles in luxurious 12-hour shifts

#75112 Randy's Bar & Grill
Waiters needed.
Good with people? Quick on your feet? Apply today for a position among our distinguished staff. (weekend shifts only)(gratuity taxed 30%)

#10351 City Recruitment
Help spread the power of the NDG both on and off the island of New York by applying to City Recruitment today! Dream of colonizing new cities? Always want to belong in the restricted car of the Tran? Have something to say? Don't wait! Apply today!

#79385 Thompson Meat Company
Adventurous Types Needed!
Thanks to latent radioactivity across the bridge, we're always looking for brave and hard workers to scour the plains for remnants of beef and other edibles. (no liability)