The Great Irony
by Jim
A sharp taste that is sure to satisfy,
arranged in angel hair and smothered
in alfredo sauce.

Looking For A Revolution?
by Brian
A radical dish to jolt your tastebuds
awake, filled with herbs and spices,
served in goat cheese.

It Was Better In The 40s
by Brian
A full platter, decorated in nostalgic
touches of ginger and thyme, topped
with shaved garlic.

An Evening With Frenchie
by Jim
Put your trust in the hands of our
favorite Frenchman in this delectable
four-course meal.

Film School on the Cheap
by Jim
Ranging from low-budget scallops
to mexicali delights, this is a plate
sure to please.

Going the Distance
by Brian
Part Two in Brians Whats Wrong
with Film trilogy, this platter
examines baking technique.

Why I Go to the Theater
by Brian
A Mystical dish with lean pork
bathed in exisitely fresh herbs
and spices.

Interview: Andrew Gurland
by Jim
Gurland takes off his glasses and
whips up a wonderful souffle of

The Dark Knight
by Brian
A Sultry plate of style with dark
Cabernet sauce and
complimentary hard-boiled egg.

The Digital Divide
by Jim
A forward-looking dish that hints
at cremes, spices, and flavors of
the new millenium.

by Brian
Somewhere between filet mignon
and a cheeseburger, this basket is
good for everyone.

NY Underground Film Fest
by Jim
A delightful platter which takes the
tongue on a journey of many
different flavors.

An Extra in Perdition
by Trapper
A Tour de force in souffle and
onion soup from our very own
guest chef Trapper.

Stanley Kubrick - A Profile
by Jim
Penne with an astounding garlic
basil sauce that is sure to delight
the taste buds and tongue.

A Word About...
by Frenchie
A mystery dish, served flambe,
from our friend and neighbor:
Frenchie L'amour.

One Filmmaker's Journal Pt 2
by Jim
An ongoing special offered for
your enjoyment, specializing in
crepes and close-ups.